Tay Time Podcast #3 : Interviewing Dad | A Veteran’s Day Special

Tay Time Veterans Day Podcast 2017

We interrupt our normal podcast schedule to bring you an interview with a very special guest on a very special weekend. Tay interviews his Dad, a veteran United States Marine right before Veteran’s Day.

NOTE: Anytime you hear someone making noises in the background, it’s Tay’s big brother. That’s our house for you! 🙂

Tay Time: Podcast #2: Having A Non Verbal Brother

Tay Time Podcast Cover

In our second podcast, Tay talks about his older brother, Anthony, who is non verbal. He discusses what it’s like being a little bro to him and what his brother is actually like once you know him. Have a listen and see if any of you siblings can relate!

Our Very Own, Taylor Murray, Starts A Weekly Podcast: Tay Time: Podcast #1

Tay Time Podcast

Introducing the very first ever podcast hosted by The Spectrum Perspective, Tay Time!

Taylor is my 8 year old son who is; intelligent, creative, moody, thoughtful, and happens to have both Autism and ADHD. He’s a little brother to Anthony who is nonverbal and on the spectrum too. This is an intro to our new weekly podcast about what it’s like to live life as Tay. He hopes to spread acceptance through his stories, and make a few friends along the way! FOLLOW us on FB to keep up with the podcast as it airs every Tuesday!